Working out of a single room VS having a whole apartment to myself VS having a housemate

As some of you probably know, I've moved around a lot since I started this lil brand! I used to live in a cruddy lil basement apartment that at the time I hated, but now I miss the space and the privacy. I've moved twice since then and I'm so over it! I was so productive and you guys probably noticed that too, the difference in what I was producing in 2017 vs now is crazy.

Now I'm living at my mum's house while I find a new apartment to find my own so I can stretch out a bit and get back to the level of growth that was happening in 2017/18. My whole office and life essentially is in one room in a lil town, it's dismal for my mental health and my workflow in general. I have always believed in never working where you sleep and atm that's not possible for me. I can't believe how much I miss having a dedicated sleeping space and working space.

So atm I'm in the middle of finding a new house for me and my big doggy and things have finally started looking up in that department, I'm applying for houses that are upgrades from my basement apartment from 2017 but definitely downgrades from when I had a housemate. But the stress of sharing a house with someone greatly outweighs the loneliness of living alone, so I'm excited to be by myself again even if it is in a tiny little apartment in a bad part of town!

This has been a lil diary entry almost, I might use this blog for that now too. :)

Thanks for reading this far!

Annie xx

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