This is a ON HAND item, which means that the product is on hand and will be shipped out within 5 business days. Please remember things are coming from Australia and the postage can be SLOW. Thanks for your understanding and continued support!!




Diecuts measure 2" x 1" (ish)

Cut out of high quality gloss vinyl, suitable for outdoor use and rated up to 7 years (under ideal conditions!)


You get 1 x Sparkly Holo Tentacle per $1.50! 


2 layers of contrasting coloured vinyl has been hand-placed to make this cute diecut!




$3.50 for international shipping. I use heavy duty envelopes to ensure your stickers arrive safely!

Mini Layered Vinyl Tentacles - Semi-Transparent Holo

  • Application Instructions

    Peel and place carefully!!

    I recommend removing one side of the sticker, placing it in the desired position, and (using a firm object) pressing down the remaining half of the sticker onto the surface as it peels from the backing paper. This ensures no air-bubbles end up on your sticker! 

    If any vinyl sticker does end up with air bubbles, don't worry!! Chances are they will disappear with time or you can pierce the holes with a lil pin and the air will release and in most cases, the hole left from the pin will close up. Be careful doing this!!

    Also, please apply stickers to an oil free and wax free surface!

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