Don't spill any of her!!


Based on Prushka from Made in Abyss!




Peeker is 5” wide (approx) and is printed on high quality, weather safe vinyl. Suitable for outdoor use and will happily last at least 3 years with proper care!




Shipping has changed, it’s on a schedule now! A lot of the items on my store are made to order and manufactured in-house!!


Mail-Day is Friday, Print-Day is Wednesday and the cut-off to get your items mailed that week is Tuesday night, all AWST!


If you miss the cut off point, don’t worry! You only need to wait until next Friday. 


  • Application Instructions

    This product comes with transfer tape to help you apply it precisely and easily!

    First, make sure your surface is clean, dry and wax free to make your sticker live it's longest life!

    Remove the transfer tape and make sure the sticker comes off with it. After it’s stuck in the desired location, pull off the transfer tape and the sticker will stay put! Viola!

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