Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Making sure your order arrives safely has always been one of the most important things to me and so I use cardboard mailers, especially when posting internationally. I get A LOT of returned mail and I know exactly how rough UPS especially can be on letters and parcels. So don't worry--I'm doing my best to keep your items safe!


I've recently upgraded to printed shipping labels to hopefully combat the amount of parcels that end up back in my mailbox despite having the correct addresses written on them. They can't ignore my printed labels!! 

Return & Exchange Policy

I try my best to be as transparent as possible regarding the quality of my products to avoid customers being disappointed with what they have received. If you are disappointed or the items are different to what you expected, I am happy to discuss returning the products and exchanging them for something else! In extreme cases, a refund can also be arranged. But I would much rather you get something you're happy with instead!

Due to the increase in refund scams, I will not be offering refunds for items that haven't been lost in the mail. The circumstances for a refund are as followed:
1. The item has been dispatched and it has been longer than the maximum expected wait time for your region. For the US, the longest you should expect to wait to get your item is 6 weeks, and that is allowing time for the item to be returned to sender and inevitably come back to me. 

2. If the item is returned to me it will be re-sent once you have had a chance to look over the address and confirm that it's correct. No refund will be issued if this happens, unfortunately! 

3. If your item hasn't arrived and it is outside of the maximum expected wait time for your region, meaning it hasn't been returned to me either, a refund can be issued if you don't want replacements.
4. Replacements will only be mailed out once. If a second item gets lost in the mail, I can no longer take responsibility for the item and a refund will be issued minus the cost of the additional shipping. For example, US customers who have had two items in a row lost in the mail will receive their order total minus the cost of the second international stamp, which is $3.20. 

5. Shipping costs are not refundable. Any shipping costs are final and will not come back to you in the event of a refund. 

6. If you have changed your mind about an item you are not eligible for a refund and you will get your items in the mail. 
7. If you have moved house and forgotten to update your address with me, you are not eligible for a refund.

8. If you have been unexpectedly deployed or some other extreme circumstance has caused you to not be returning to your home address for some time, you are eligible for a refund. 

This has been a long one but please email me with any questions you might have about your order!

Thanks for reading this far!